About Us

Our directors, through mutual business dealings and friendship have created a close-knit unit with clear channels of communication, irrespective of time zone or location, to result in successful decision making.

Our board of directors have proved successful competencies in:

  • New brand formation and market placement
  • Large scale celebrity events
  • Festivals showcasing local and national businesses
  • Sports-star management and dealing with sports related legal contracts
  • Property acquisitions, developments and long term yield planning advertising
  • Physical and digital in company acquisitions, mergers, de-mergers and company restructuring

They have carved their own status as professionals in their respective fields, and have consolidated that experience to ensure that Nine Capital is best placed to act fast and with all necessary information, in a wide range of international markets.

"If you have the knowledge, with time comes experience."

With research and data analysis centres in London, Delhi and Dubai, we are constantly evaluating our investments along with potential future investments. In spite of using micro and meta data analysis, trend forecasting, dedicated political analysis as well as entrenched global business contacts, it is the instinct and experience of our directors which steers the organisation towards new business ventures.

We at Nine Capital believe in ourselves, and more so in our team members who make us a complete unit. We strive to make sure we do our best in every single project we get involved with.

It is our belief and discipline that makes us unique, and passion which drives us towards success. At Nine Capital, we seek to invest in people rather than just projects; concepts and ideas are many, however people driving them to success are few.


Our mission has always been to create successful businesses that positively interact with whatever community they are based in. Our scope of existing business activities means that the globe for Nine Capital is like a single well connected City. Whether it is bringing global megastar performers to Asia, or having festivals that showcase local and MNC food and drink establishments, we strive to bring together local employment and consumer enjoyment.


Our vision is to continue to identify and work with current and future market leaders around the world. For us it is imperative to uphold the integrity of our businesses and assist them with funding and growing their operations in a streamlined way, ensuring that they have the best positioning, performance and growth.


Our values at Nine Capital can be summarized by the colloquial phrase “put your money where your mouth is”. We will only promote a business that we have invested in ourselves. Why complicate things when keeping it simple always works? In today’s day and age, we live in a red ocean, and trying to make it blue is a task, which can be executed if conducted in a proper manner. We desire to be the best at what we do and the proof is in the performance.